Mike Kobernus
Tel: +47 63898218

Mike works for NILU, The Norwegian Institute for Air Research

Mike is work package Leader for WP 5, Integrate and WP 6, Share and is responsible for much of our technical solutions as well as dissemination and exploitation of project results.
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Michael JOhn Kobernus

About NILU

Since 1969 NILU, the Norwegian Institute for Air Research ( has been an independent research foundation specialising in air pollution research from global to local problems and today is one of the largest European institutes in this field.  NILU is the Chemical Co-ordinating Centre for EMEP and coordinates the work under the Convention on Long-Range Transboundary Air Pollution on particulate matter. NILU is a member of the European Environment Agency’s Topic Centre on Air Quality and Climate Change.

NILU has 40 years of experience in ambient trace gas measurements, air quality modelling and management activities. In addition, NILU has been involved in several recent or current EC-research projects such as MEGAPOLI, CITYZEN, EUCAARI, EUSAAR, CREATE, GMES-GATO, FORMAT, ASSET, FUMAPEX, Air4EU, ACCENT, HENVINET, TRANSPHORM, Citi-Sense and ENVIROFI. The role of NILU varies within these various projects, but underlying them all is a strong tradition of technical support and expertise that has helped make NILU a leading research institute and has put it at the cutting edge of science and technology.

The Software and Hardware group at NILU provides solutions to the Information Technology demands that are made from our clients, partners and strategic projects, whether it is a simple web page, or a complete air quality monitoring system to provide data on a national level. 

Within the project, NILU will provide the CAERUS Data Services Platform (CDSP) as well as all data services relating to the websites, Citizen's Observatory and visualisation tools.