First Consultation Policy Event

On March 18th, the CAERUS consortium brought together stakeholders from EU institutions, NGOs and others concerned with transitions from crisis and conflict to stability for its first external consultation policy event held in Brussels. 

This event discussed the work of the CAERUS consortium and its wider relevance for bridging policy and practice. The event had both an informative and a consultative objective. First, it aimed to introduce the project, present preliminary results of desk research and outline future plans for fieldwork. Second, it aimed to consult policy officers and experts from a wide range of fields and organisations for feedback on the research. 

Various interactive sessions were held around several topics. First, it addressed broader policy questions related to shaping transition from crisis or conflict to stability, with specific attention to the role of health and education. Second, breakout group sessions were held to take a closer look at three more specific themes: 1) the role of Civil Registration & Vital Statistics (CRVS) in supporting peacebuilding and statebuilding efforts, 2) the role and motivations of decision-makers (including Non-State Armed Groups, or NSAGs) in health service delivery, and 3) how to improve responses to peacebuilding and statebuilding through the education sector. These fruitful discussions provided several key insights and conclusions that will further guide the planned research of the CAERUS consortium. A detailed report on the event is available here.

CAERUS consortium members and workshop guests hard at work. Volker Hauk leads
the session.
Session 2
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