The purpose of this work package is to examine:           

1. Health and inequalities: horizontal inequalities can be a source of instability. In our research, we will focus on inequity due to displacement and wealth. We aim to investigate whether and how conflict and disasters affect health service coverage and health status among population groups (residents, internally displaced people, refugees).  

2. Health care provision: there is a rising debate on the role of extremist groups who provide grassroot health services to the poor and the disenfranchised. We will investigate incentives and dynamics related to the provision of health services by violent and non state actors during and after conflict. 

3. Disease control and technology: The use of new technologies can help in the identification of reemerging and neglected diseases, improve treatment and therefore reduce the disease burden on the population. We plan to investigate which conditions are necessary for the deployment of mobile laboratories in unstable settings. Also, we will explore how rapid diagnostic tests can be used at the community level, and how their use affects treatment prescription.