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Management structure and procedures

CAERUS will be coordinated and managed by the Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters (CRED) of the Université catholique de Louvain. Given the relative complexity of FP7 projects, the following three-tiered management structure is proposed: 

a) Coordination level (includes the Project Coordination Unit, PCU) and the EC;
b) Decision making level (Steering Committee);
c) External advisory level (includes the Relevance Monitoring Group - PREM -, the Ethical Advisory Board –EAB – and the Data Protection Expert - DPE).

(a) Coordination level
CAERUS will be coordinated and managed by the PCU at CRED, which will consist of Prof. Debarati Guha-Sapir as main Scientific Project Coordinator and Ms. Bernadette Dubus as Administrative Project Manager.

CAERUS will benefit from the infrastructure and EU research management experience at the UCL. The PCU will be primarily responsible for the overall operational management and the supervision of the project implementation, and will administrate the contract between the EC and the consortium. As coordinator, CRED will receive all payments made by the EC to the Consortium and will administer the contribution of the partners in accordance with the contract and the decisions taken by the Steering Committee. The PCU will thus have the day-to-day responsibility for financial administration of the project and it will serve as the primary contact point for the EC. As such, the PCU will ensure that all appropriate payments are made to contractors without unjustified delay. The PCU will maintain the accounts so that it can be determined at any time what portion of the funds has been paid to each partner. The PCU will inform the EC of the distribution of the funds and the date of transfers to the contractors.

 Furthermore, the PCU has the following tasks and responsibilities:

Technical coordination
• Chair meetings of the Steering Committee and propose decisions to be made based on input from WP
leaders regarding strategic and operational orientations of the project, allocation of resources, and
consortium management;
• Participate in meetings of the Relevance Monitoring Group (PREM), provide support to the chairperson
in terms of briefing and follow up, and convey considerations and recommendations of the PREM to the
Steering Committee;
• Monitor WP leadership, the achievement of the project’s overall objectives, and the delivery of
contractual obligations within budget and timeframe.